Wednesday 17 January 2018

Lise Hand: Gaffe-prone Enda can run but can't hide from the big boys in Brussels

Lise Hand

Lise Hand

THE Taoiseach was having a grand time of it in Davos this week, rubbing shoulders with billionaires and moguls and world leaders, being his affable self and continuing the international charm offensive to convince global shakers and movers that Ireland is sorry, we've learned our lesson and we'll never, ever do it again.

It was a good news story. What could possibly go wrong?By Thursday night, his so-called misspeak during a panel interview, in which he opined that "what happened in our country was that people simply went mad borrowing", rocketed Enda Kenny into the headlines for all the wrong reasons. There was outrage from the Opposition, anger from a beleaguered public and a blaze of unwelcome publicity for the Government.

This furore screamed out for a bit of swift crisis management. It should've been easy enough to put out this particular fire. For his comments were clumsy rather than crass -- especially when taken in context with the preceding interview he had done for 'Prime Time' in which he gave a more expanded explication which quite clearly didn't blame the bust on 'the people'.

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