Friday 23 March 2018

Lise Hand: Boyle gets the hump with gang of manure-stirring oafs

Lise Hand

Lise Hand

A SMALL red mist descended around Dan Boyle's Green head. He had gotten the hump with the bunch of reporters gathered in the room for the wrap-up press conference of the party's three-day convention.

As far as Dan was concerned, the pesky press were a bunch of manure-stirring, ungrateful oafs. Instead of marvelling at the mass outbreak of peace and harmony among the notoriously argumentative Greens, the inky-fingered louts were pestering his party leader about the rather bizarre game of ministerial musical chairs that the party had dreamed up when they entered government.

And so he got a bit thick. "Have you been at the same conference we've been at this weekend? The mood at conference has been very good, very good. It's been one of our best conferences for years and yet you've been going out of your way to seek discontent," he snapped truculently.

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