Saturday 24 February 2018

Lise Hand: BOOM -- sound of Norris shooting himself in the foot once again

There's an iconic scene from the silent film 'Steamboat Bill Jr' which shows the façade of a two-storey building topple with a crash on to the hapless hero Buster Keaton. But thanks to the meticulous position of a single window, the character is left standing, dazed but unscathed after his miraculous survival.

This may be just how Senator David Norris felt when he found himself back in the race this month after the house initially fell on his Aras campaign in August and he rose from the rubble to fight another day.

But the trouble with What's Next Norris is that the house keeps falling down on him, over and over again. Every day a different controversy seems to drop from the sky. Like a chap fighting a brushfire, one blaze is extinguished only for another to flare up. There are letters and lawyers and classical Greek sexual practices and disability payments and hepatitis. And his campaign is only a week old.

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