Saturday 24 February 2018

Lise Hand: Achtung Adams enjoys little bit of schadenfreude at expense of Enda

Lise Hand

Lise Hand

SIN e. It's official now -- we're bonded (literally) to Berlin, and it's bye-bye Boston. If further proof were needed beyond the fact that German MPs have been playing pass-the-parcel in the Bundestag with our yet-to-be-announced Budget, it came in the bearded shape of Gerry 'Ich bin ein Shinner' Adams yesterday.

Leaders' Questions were in full swing, and the opposition leaders were in full cry over both indignities yet to be visited upon us (like cuts to child benefit), and indignities already heaped upon our hapless heads, such as the Berlin Budget Bean-Spill.

Micheal Martin was most exercised over the whole sorry affair, and was vigorously scolding the Taoiseach. "I've no difficulty with information being sent anywhere once it is sent to this House first," he grumbled, working himself up into a state of indignation.

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