Thursday 14 December 2017

Lise Hand: A tapestry of relationships -- but Enda's unravelling

Lise Hand

Lise Hand

Depressing, really, to ponder upon the fact that it's almost exactly a year to the day since Taoiseach Enda Kenny stood in the Dail chamber and delivered a devastating jeremiad on the Catholic Church in the wake of the Cloyne Report on clerical child sex abuse.

Having found the backbone to deliver what may well turn out to be the defining speech of his Taoiseachship (he certainly hasn't come close to outdoing himself with anything else in the 12 months since July 20, 2011), his spine now appears to be suffering collywobbles.

Like a skittish pony, he is prone to take fright at the very phrase "same-sex marriage", to shy away and trip over flowerpots, to duck and dive, dodge and weave -- anything, except state his opinion on the issue.

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