Monday 23 April 2018

Liam Fay: PR foul-up of water fiasco may yet spur action on dirty little secret

Enda: 'It's been raining here for years'
Enda: 'It's been raining here for years'

What will the neighbours think? It's not an entirely stupid question. There comes a moment in the final stages of any crisis – after the really pressing issues have all been addressed – when it's no harm to reflect on how your crisis management capabilities look to external observers. In some corners of this increasingly self-doubting land, however, the opinions of outsiders are almost invariably treated as the first and foremost consideration.

This curious tendency to worry more about outward appearances than domestic realities was evident throughout much of the official reaction to the water restrictions that have been gunging up lives in the capital city and its environs.

Almost one-third of the nation's population has been seriously discommoded by the latest breakdown in water supply. Yet, according to some, the most embarrassing feature of the debacle was that it happened during the Dublin Web Summit. OMG! – we've been shown up in front of the neighbours, and the really smart neighbours with the fancy computers at that.

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