Saturday 24 March 2018

Liam Fay: Government dimmer than a candle in a blackout if it thinks it can park pylon row

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A protest consisting of more than 1,200 tractors against EirGrid's proposals
A protest consisting of more than 1,200 tractors against EirGrid's proposals

Liam Fay

Ireland's prosperity and future have been jeopardised by the combined treachery of pinstriped crooks and political fools. But, as Kenny explained during his visit to Saudi Arabia, the real economic vandals are provincial rubes with placards. It's the anti-pylon protesters and their backwoods mentality, y'see, that have caused mass emigration.

Plans by the energy utility EirGrid to erect 1,500 new pylons across the countryside -- to facilitate installation of 800km of high-voltage cables -- are being met by fierce and mounting public resistance. The citizens expected to live within the shadow and force-fields of these pylons have an array of legitimate concerns about the potential impact on everything from their health to their homes.

By campaigning against Grid Link, as EirGrid's project is called, these individuals believe they are acting in the best interests of their families and communities. But that is not how Kenny wants you to see them. As far as he's concerned, the protesters are anti-progress and anti-jobs. There was a discernible edge to his voice as he suggested that many young people might "have to emigrate" if the network of pylons is not built as planned.

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