Friday 23 February 2018

Let's start showing practical compassion for our neighbours

There are many of us with our backs to the walls, writes Celia Larkin. For some there is only despair; can we be compassionate as a society?

At last. Someone with a heart. Reading the comments of Edmund Honohan was like seeing a break in the clouds during a hurricane. They indicated that someone has noticed that there's a human side to the financial crises, a side we have remained relatively silent about 'til now. A side that he is witnessing first hand.

Speaking on RTE's Morning Ireland during the week, the Master of the High Court said he had met the widows of people driven to take their own lives over relatively small debts.

Mr Honohan went on to criticise banks and other credit institutions for the relentless pursuit of those unable to pay their debts, hounding them to the bitter end as part of an accountancy exercise to write off debts for tax relief. The relentless pursuit, he suggested, was driving some people to suicide.

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