Wednesday 13 December 2017

Let's put a few business people into the Cabinet

The Cabinet is awash with egotist teachers who crave respect outside the classroom, writes Jody Corcoran

I SUPPOSE it would never do to fill the Cabinet with business people. I mean, the usual suspects would complain, wouldn't they? They would say that there is more to life than this damned economy of ours. At the moment, I can not think of what more there is. But perhaps they would be right...

There is culture, of course -- literature, theatre, music, the arts in general -- which, so far, has failed to properly examine what is going on right now; then there is sport, always sport, and all of the rest of it, the things that bring joy to our life, that make it more -- what is the word? -- bearable; or fulfilled, perhaps.

When the US first put a man on the moon, somebody or other subsequently regretted that there had not been a poet on board to record the moment in words never to be forgotten.

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