Friday 23 March 2018

Let's just shut up and take the Brits' charity

It's not a penny more than we're owed, says Pat Fitzpatrick

Pat Fitzpatrick

God save the Brits. And their royal family. As Brian Cowen and his troop of performing clowns continued to deny a bailout earlier in the week, the UK Chancellor George Osborne pledged to give us seven billion sterling, just in case. That's the Tories for you -- always trying to do down poor Paddy with their dirty tricks.

Surely they realise how important it is for the Irish people to go on believing that the old enemy have it in for us?

Now we have to add seven billion quid to the list of what have the English ever done for us except for the roads, railways, 12 points every year in the Eurovision, taking Louis Walsh off our hands and getting us to stop speaking Irish. Even Maggie Thatcher wouldn't have stooped this low.

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