Sunday 18 March 2018

Let's get back to the books to learn from our mistakes

Two architects of the Celtic Tiger say education is key to any recovery and prosperity, writes Mark Coleman

Going back to the future can be useful, essential even. When we're lost in darkness and despair, a natural instinct is to remember the last time we were happy, the point in our past just before we took a wrong turn. And if we can get back to that place, maybe we can then take the right turn we should have taken all those years ago.

Two turning points in our recent history come to mind. In December 1993, the Celtic Tiger began in earnest when Intel Ireland, under the leadership of Jim O'Hara, won the contract to produce the world's most advanced computer chip. The Celtic Tiger was conceived.

In December 1996, it was born. That was the month when Finance Minister Ruairi Quinn sealed the deal on the Stability Pact, making the euro a reality. After several years of export-led growth, Ireland suddenly started to enjoy growth in its domestic economy, growth of the kind that produces full employment.

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