Friday 24 November 2017

Let the people who really know run our affairs -- women

The greater inclusion of women in serious decision-making will benefit all of society, writes Celia Larkin

IT mystifies me why Hillary Clinton isn't used more often as a role model by female politicians. Here's a woman who served her apprenticeship as a New York senator. Not that long an apprenticeship, but smartly managed nevertheless, and managed in a particularly female way. Instead of in-your-face conflict, she did negotiation. Instead of driving leadership on issues, she did collaboration.

She learned the system and worked it. Because she's pragmatic, knows not to fixate on humiliation but concentrate instead on recovering from defeat, she's now secretary of state.

I found her example coming frequently to mind in the last 10 days, listening to speculation about a possible new political party -- who might join it and where on the political spectrum it might fit? The only thing missing was any reference to women.

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