Thursday 26 April 2018

Let Norris run -- for the nation's sake

Enda Kenny must stop blocking the senator's path and let democracy have its say, writes Eamon Keane

Justice delayed is justice denied. The longer Enda Kenny and Fine Gael try to keep David Norris out of the presidential election, the worse is their crime. David Norris is the people's choice, according to the latest Irish Times poll. In fact, he has consistently headed every other poll over the last year. To deny him the opportunity to run is to deny democracy.

Remember how you didn't get to vote on the bank bailout? You had no say in our loss of sovereignty. Remember when you voted for the Nice Treaty how they made you vote again? You kept voting until they got the result they wanted. Now you may not even get the chance to vote for the President you want. No, we're not in some South American tin-pot country, this is good old Ireland.

An election is our chance to be real citizens, if only for a day. We know that the rest of the time we are mere subjects of European rule. The EU/IMF decide how much we spend, tax, drink, eat and God knows what else. The ability to choose our President is one of the few independent actions we have left.

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