Monday 18 December 2017

Led by little people with little minds and little horizons

This is our tragedy -- in extraordinary times, we have been saddled with the most ordinary of leaders, writes Eilis O'Hanlon

Listening to Irish politicians argue the toss over who should be the next leader of Fianna Fail, or what jobs various opposition spokespersons can expect in the next government, is a bit like overhearing the people who missed out on a lifeboat and were left on deck when the Titanic went down wondering what hotel to stay in once they reach New York.

Who cares? Seriously, what does any of it matter? The dark water is closing in. Yet the more time passes, the more surreal it's getting.

On the surface, there's a thin skein of seriousness and restraint. Underneath, there's the same lunatic jig of factional party politics going on as familiar names and faces jockey for position in advance of a poll.

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