Saturday 20 January 2018

Leaders have every right to throw the odd tantrum

So what if the British PM kicked the occasional backside? It can be the price of getting things done, says Eilis O'Hanlon

THINK of it as the Scots Presbyterian work ethic. If Gordon Brown wants any bullying done, he'll do it himself, thank you very much. His predecessor as British prime minister simply dispatched his venomous reptile of a special adviser, Alastair Campbell, to do the yelling and shoving on his behalf. Same unpleasant result for whoever was on the receiving end of the abuse, but Phoney got to play the nice guy, like Pilate washing his hands.

Whether what is being alleged about Gordon Brown's behaviour towards his colleagues and staff in a new book amounts to workplace bullying, I'm not so sure. That he's a difficult, prickly character who loses the rag frequently, I can well believe. But some of the things which are being claimed about Brown are so absurd as to be almost comic.

So he rolled up some bits of paper and threw them at an expert adviser's head while yelling: "You've f***ed up my political career"?

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