Monday 22 January 2018

Labour needs to be pinned under the microscope

Ivor or prospective heaves against Cowen or Kenny will keep our eyes off more acute issues,writes Jody Corcoran

FOUR weeks into their summer holiday, with another four to go, the body politic will soon move on from kicking around Ivor Callely, scapegoat, to something slightly more pressing, like saving the country from going to hell in a handcart.

But do not count on it. It seems likely that other issues will emerge, or re-emerge, to keep us diverted as the billions borrowed last year for this year are blown on 'the banks', and billions borrowed, less favourably, this year for next are also squandered, however necessarily, to keep the show on the road a while longer, until eventually it all catches up with us, any month, year or generation now.

When eventually it does catch up, not many will worry about Ivor's relatively insignificant playing of the system, or about Brian Cowen smoking in what seems to have been an enclosed open space -- go figure . . .

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