Saturday 16 December 2017

Kick-the-can culture deserves a swift end

The tough decisions seem to affect only the private sector and the most vulnerable, writes James Fitzsimons

If kick-the-can was an Olympic sport, the Irish Government would be a gold medallist. Until six months ago we all thought Fianna Fail was the world champion at kick-the-can and the blame game. But now we know it is not unique to that party.

Whoever wears the mantle of government in Ireland soon finds that the only game in town is kick-the-can. The need to achieve goes out the window when you can make the rules.

The Fianna Fail government wasted three years covering up for its mistakes and defending its quangos. It should have been fixing the country. Dermot McCarthy, pictured above, the former secretary general to the government, is the latest civil service Lotto winner in terms of his severance package, which is worth over €700,000.

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