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Kevin Myers: How can we have let two key war criminals of 20th Century in Dail?

For anyone to be remotely surprised by the allegation that Dessie Ellis is responsible for 50 deaths is merely proof of how successful that great toxic lie, the peace process, has actually been. Through default, and through artful manipulation, the IRA war that took some 4,000 lives has been transformed into a Civil Rights Campaign, in which the only terrorism was by the beastly Brits, and their loyalist allies; and so the litany effortlessly trips off a Shinner's tongue: Internment Day, Bloody Sunday, Widgery, Shoot To Kill, Collusion.

In this grisly distortion of the truth, the Disappeared are truly Disappeared. No one really doubts that the IRA alone abducted people, murdered and buried them secretly.

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