Tuesday 24 October 2017

Kenny's inner Haughey comes out ready to fight

THE people of Derry asked for the truth. They waited 38 years for it. Yesterday they got it. They got it from Lord Justice Saville, the man appointed to right two wrongs.

The first can never be fully righted. The 14 people killed as a result of the events of that terrible and unforgettable day, Bloody Sunday, cannot be brought back to life. Nor can the far greater number killed in the dreadful upsurge of violence which the massacre engendered. But the second can be righted, and has been righted, and Saville has done it in style.

Within weeks of the event, another lord, Lord Chief Justice Widgery, produced a report for which the word "whitewash" is inadequate. He declared, falsely, that the British paratroopers had opened fire after they had been fired on. He thus impugned the innocent victims.

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