Tuesday 21 November 2017

Kenny's greatest hurdle will be taking on Europe

Garret FitzGerald is a good and wise man who has presided over politics and journalism for a number of years. Yet during the election, and even well before it, he virtually ignored Enda Kenny and the party he once led, taking a line that was supportive of Fianna Fail in circumstances that were highly questionable.

He is skilled also as a broadcaster and this week on radio he sensibly identified a critical fact facing us all in respect of Mr Kenny's great challenges in dealing with Europe.

This was concerning the €25bn committed to the banks. "If only we could use that money. . ." he said. And he was right. Far more than the adjustment of interest rates -- which is really no more than a gesture -- it is the crass handling of the banks crisis by Fianna Fail that has put us in the mess we are in and was the reason for public rage against the party's betrayal of the people, as well as the dishonesty with which these dealings were handled over a period of close on four years.

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