Tuesday 23 January 2018

Kenny lost his touch on Gallagher tweet, now on Romney remark too

Taking comments and events out of context is not in the interests of balance and fairness, writes Eilis O'Hanlon

Barack Obama began his presidency in 2009 with unprecedentedly high approval ratings. Within a few months, that figure had started to slide alarmingly. By the summer, he had slipped into negative ratings, where he's remained ever since, looking increasingly like the most obvious lame-dog one-term president since Jimmy Carter. Currently the daily tracking poll puts his approval index at minus 16 points, meaning the next election is there to be won for any credible candidate who can pull ahead of the chasing pack.

That's probably why the Obama-supporting media -- a category which includes pretty much every national newspaper and TV network in the United States -- has concentrated on skittling over every actual or potential candidate to emerge from the Republican right. Sarah Palin was shrunken to a cartoon redneck and blamed for gun crime. Michele Bachmann was dismissed because she suffers from migraines (Lord alone knows what they would have made of President Kennedy's fondness for prescription medication; JFK made Michael Jackson look clean). Christine O'Donnell was ridiculed for practising what she preaches on sexual abstinence, and Herman Cain for being too enthusiastic in the opposite direction. Rick Santorum and his wife were even attacked for taking the body of their stillbirth baby home for their other children to "play with", as one liberal commentator shockingly put it. No Democrat politician would receive such vitriol.

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