Wednesday 17 January 2018

Kenny has neither the steel nor charisma to rattle his EU masters

Our small country needed a leader of fanatical conviction like Charles Stewart Parnell or Winston Churchill, writes Aengus Fanning

On February 25, I voted for Mary Mitchell O'Connor and Sean Barrett of Fine Gael, and Independent Victor Boyhan, in that order and no further, in the hope (if not the expectation) that the outcome would be a single-party government, unfettered by Labour ideology, which might possibly have the ability and knowledge to get the economy moving again.

Within days, and not entirely to my surprise, I regretted that I had voted that way as I observed the cynical and, to me, wearying party political hacks lumber into action to ensure that a Fine Gael-Labour coalition with 113 seats gets office, if not exactly power, for the next four to five years.

I had tried to counter my own cynicism and had hoped that Enda Kenny would come blazing forth with courage, conviction and economic vision to tell the people that he would be taking the high-risk strategy of forming a Fine Gael government with the support of Independents. But I admit I wasn't surprised when he didn't.

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