Saturday 24 February 2018

Keep your knickers on girls, and have a bit of self-respect

Feminists have misled women by telling them it's acceptable to go out dressed like hookers, writes Eilis O'Hanlon

Erotic capital. It's one of those phrases which you can't help wishing you'd invented first. Instead that credit goes to sociologist Catherine Hakim, in Dublin last week to promote her new book Honey Money, which argues that women are right to use whatever attractiveness and sex appeal they're lucky enough to possess to advance themselves professionally and socially. Erotic capital has a value, is her point, so just accept the fact and learn how to spend yours to its best advantage.

Whether she'd draw the line at girls flashing their underwear for a free drink is another matter. That, under the hardly subtle legend "underwear amnesty", was the bright idea of Tramco nightclub in Rathmines, Dublin.

The Rape Crisis Centre criticised the promotion as "exploitative" and "insensitive", particularly in light of the alleged rape on the premises recently when students were celebrating the end of their Junior Cert exams.

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