Wednesday 17 January 2018

Keep our outspoken Senate and its meaningful debates

Pay no heed to recent airy suggestions that the upper chamber should be abolished -- it is a talking shop worth saving, writes Eamon Delaney

THE Senate should not be just abolished, as has been airily suggested by quite a few people of late.

We have fundamental problems in our economy, and proposals like abolishing the upper house are just trinkets which will save little money and only serve to satisfy an angry public's demands for political heads -- any heads -- on spikes.

Besides, the Senate is where a lot of the interesting and fun people are -- and I don't mean interesting in an 'add to the gaiety of the nation' sort of way. I mean interesting in that they are outspoken or ideological and represent specific constituencies. They also have meaningful debates on issues. Think of Ivana Bacik and David Norris on the liberal left, battling it out with conservatives Ronan Mullen, and John Hanafin on 'family values'. These are much more clear-cut positions than you'll find in the blander, consensus-driven Dail.

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