Wednesday 13 December 2017

Julia Molony: We can't just turn moral indignation on and off

It's hypocritical to protest some foreign jailings while tutting at McRedmond,

Julia Molony

An Irish man has just been sent to jail for three months in Dubai for fooling around in the back of a taxi. Sounds pretty extreme, right? But weirdly there's a self-righteous little faction of public opinion that seems mighty happy to see him punished.

Most of those wagging their fingers are probably hypocrites. Who among us can honestly hold their hand up and say that, on grounds of decency, they have never EVER indulged in a bit of back-seat heavy petting? Not many, I'd say.

Sure, Conor McRedmond was in Dubai when he was arrested for his back-seat antics with British recruitment consultant Rebecca Blake. And in the United Arab Emirates, where stringent decency laws apply, anyone but a wilful fool would fail to watch their behaviour in public. But applauding his conviction under a regime where sex outside marriage is illegal seems rather strange.

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