Thursday 22 February 2018

Julia Molony: Attacks on appearance just got personal

Actress Frances Barber admitted she is saving for a facelift, after vile Twitter comments about her looks, writes Julia Molony

HOW depressing to hear that the actress Frances Barber is saving up for a facelift. Worse still to hear that she's been essentially bullied into it.

It's tough enough, as an actress, to be self-assured enough to reject the conventions of an industry which demands that women must been seen to always have perfectly unlined faces and fresh complexions. But if that didn't get to her in the end, unsurprisingly the face-and-body fascists on Twitter did.

Barber, for those who don't already know her, is the 54-year-old star of the BBC series Silk. With an Olivier under her belt, an impressive list of television credits and extensive experience on stage, she's at just about the right age to be entering her era as a 'grand dame'.

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