Wednesday 17 January 2018

Johny Fallon: Pride after a fall for a party that keeps making mistakes

FIANNA Fail in crisis. The letters that make up that sentence must be worn out on the keyboards of headline writers over the last three years. At the heart of this problem has been a consistent inability on the part of those running the party to listen to advice from outside their own closeted circle.

The current crisis will be all the more frustrating for members because it was utterly of the party’s own making. It was so obvious and so avoidable that to see it happen is akin to watching someone standing on a track as a massive train is coming hooting and screaming down the lines and they say they just can’t see it.

The presidency should not have been difficult for FF. They could have run a candidate and a cheap campaign. Blinded by commentators who think that campaigns are only about how much you spend, how many posters you have or leaflets you produce they opted against it.

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