Tuesday 12 December 2017

John-Paul McCarthy: Martin showing mettle in tackling SF

As the Taoiseach refuses to take on Sinn Fein, that task has fallen to FF's leader, who is unafraid to do so, says John-Paul McCarthy

RATTLING the Sinn Fein cage is an art form, and all of the main parties in the Republic strike different notes when they move in for the kill.

Conor Cruise O'Brien's polemics represented the literary side of the Labour Party's disgust at Sinn Fein-IRA's campaign against working class Protestants.

O'Brien liked to get world-historical on Sinn Fein before dropping a note or two to outline the dangers of civil war which that party was openly willing to court before 1994. His colleague Barry Desmond didn't need any family connection to James Joyce to see Sinn Fein's designs on State power in the Republic, and he acted with equal clarity of vision.

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