Monday 18 December 2017

Johnny Fallon: Unbridled arrogance of FG ministers is putting battered Labour on the spot

FOR a long time now Fine Gael has been on the crest of a wave. Such success can however go to the head. Enda Kenny, as Taoiseach, is happy enough to let his ministers get on with the job, but that means he is not taking control of what is said and done directly and in a party, infused with a heady cocktail of power, success and good opinion polls with no real opposition that can be a dangerous game.

Time and time again the sheer arrogance of comment and approach from some ministers has been stunning. Earlier this year Richard Bruton, Phil Hogan and Simon Coveney all went on solo runs within their departments with little or no reference to any of the cabinet colleagues, leader or coalition partners.

Alan Shatter almost single headedly lost the referendum on committee powers through a stunning disregard for genuine concerns. James Reilly has decided that, while his great plan for a completely new health systems appears to be quietly filed un the bottom drawer, he would soften up the electorate by leaking every conceivable cut he could think of in the hope that when some are not implemented people will be relieved. He may be in for a nasty shock.

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