Friday 20 April 2018

John Drennan: Victory will come at a price for 'Dear Leader' Enda

The sands are starting to shift under the Taoiseach's theatre of political illusions.

Enda Kenny
Enda Kenny

During the heyday of the Haughey era, when the then Taoiseach was strutting around Paris dressed in the finest Charvet could offer, the Potemkin pretensions were all too much for one diplomat who laughed ruefully and commented, "would you look at him, the little b****x from Donnycarney".

There was a bit of the Donnycarney syndrome surrounding Enda Kenny last week as the Taoiseach sported with the leaders of the free world and Vladimir Putin without once suffering the indignity of being asked to park Mr Putin's car.

Like Haughey, the 'Dear Leader' has come a long way since those days where Pee Flynn would metaphorically ruffle Lite's hair in the manner of a Sarkozy and prophetize that some day, Enda might be a junior minister but Mayo would always be Flynn country.

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