Sunday 18 March 2018

John Drennan: Michael D was the sweetest option

The perils of a terrible Fianna Fail smell were subdued by the safety of voting for Higgins, writes John Drennan

AT the end, the electorate decided the distinguished old public man was the safest bet for the Aras. On one level, we should not be surprised our voters took the safe option --for the ongoing popularity of the not-quite-so-shiny Rainbow government of all the talents proves that we are still inclined to hold the hand of staid old Nurse Kenny, for fear of finding something worse.

Yet it was by no means a certain thing for, even as late as Monday, Michael D looked like a dying swan. Then, like a lay miracle, a terrible smell of Bertie, Biffo and Fianna Fail began to attach itself to Sean Gallagher.

As the one party that was not at the feast took over the public discourse, it was weird to see ghosts of Fianna Fail's past dominating the skyline.

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