Monday 22 January 2018

John Drennan: Emperor Enda should still beware

Fine Gael's DNA has never been suited to the Haughey-style leadership displayed by the Taoiseach.

John Drennan

John Drennan

He is a rare bird of passage these days, but, last week as Dessie O'Malley ambled through Leinster House, one could be forgiven for remembering differing times when O'Malley had stood up to Haughey and stood by the Republic.

Sadly, the dominance of the "conscience doth make cowards of us all" ethic displayed last week suggested the times may actually not be as different as we would like to believe.

The persistence of that arrogance that was such a feature of the Haughey era was evident last week as Lucinda Creighton made it clear she was prepared to lose a junior ministry if that was the price for opposing a bill whose foundations she believed to be made of sand.

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