Thursday 19 April 2018

Jody Corcoran: The issue is not who caused the mess but who is paying

Kenny should have laid blame in the right order -- bankers, regulators, politicians and citizens, writes Jody Corcoran

It was not what the Taoiseach said, but where, or rather, to whom, he said it that seems to be the problem. He should have said to us what he said to the bankers in Davos -- that we went mad borrowing; and he should have said to the bankers in Davos what he said to us -- that bankers, regulators and politicians have a huge responsibility to bear.

In that respect, then, Enda Kenny can be faulted for trying to have it both ways. That's politicians for you. But that does not make him any less right in what he said.

He was right in his address to the nation when he said to people: "You are not responsible for the crisis." He was also right in Davos last week when he said that people here participated in a system that spawned greed, went out of control and led to a spectacular crash.

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