Sunday 18 March 2018

Jobs are the solution to all of our problems

Instead of winding down the economy, the Government's focus should be stimulus through employment, writes Brendan O'Connor

Brendan O'Connor

Brendan O'Connor

The number of people who took their own lives was up by a third in the first six months of last year. There were 228 suicides registered up to the end of June last year.

We can safely assume that the real figure was much more. Three quarters of those poor people were men. That figure represents much more than 228 lives ruined. It is at least 228 families ruined. So many mothers and fathers for whom life will never be the same again, who will exist the rest of their days in a kind of living death of their own, never forgetting for a second of the day, never knowing joy again, always wondering late at night if there was anything they could have done, how their child felt when they died; did he feel alone? Did he know he was loved? Was there anything they could have done?

And sons and daughters who wonder if it is somehow their fault that mum or dad didn't want to live anymore. Sons and daughters who will likely go through life troubled and haunted, who may go on to consider or even to commit suicide themselves. Partners who never recover, friends who bury their grief deep down and sometimes copy their dead friend. Suicide reaches out and touches everyone who has any contact with it in the blackest, most poisonous and destructive way.

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