Friday 16 November 2018

Joanna Tuffy: Seanad's proud past has potential for fruitful future

THE abolitionists have a dream. They have a dream of a Brave New World where the Taoiseach and his cabinet, unfettered by the shackles of the Seanad, will deliver the wisest decisions known to man, thanks to the most ambitious programme of Dail reform ever.

Without a Seanad we will have a lean, clean machine of a democracy and a benign cabinet that will make sure it consults with the public at every turn of law-making.

But to imagine this utopia, you must forget about the past. You must think the Seanad has no history in order to believe it has no future. When it comes to the Seanad, as far as the abolitionists are concerned, history is bunk. "The Seanad never did anything!" they cry.

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