Friday 15 December 2017

Joan Smith: So what's the big deal with posing nude ... more women should do it


THERE’S nothing wrong with posing in the nude and I just wish more women felt comfortable enough with their bodies to do it

You take some nude photos of yourself on your mobile phone. You send them to your partner, who thinks they're fab, and that's the end of the matter. But it isn't, because unknown to you some snooper in Glasgow or Miami is hacking into your emails. He posts your private pictures on the internet, where they're viewed by thousands of people who were never, ever, supposed to see them. How do you react?

Finding herself in exactly this situation, the movie star Scarlett Johansson has caused widespread astonishment by displaying not a jot of embarrassment. "I know my best angles," she joked. Startled headline writers have described her as showing "nerve"' and laughing off a "scandal", as though they had expected her to go into voluntary seclusion for a period.

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