Saturday 25 November 2017

Jim Cusack : Real-life molls are much tougher prospects than Love/Hate girls

Though gangland women are portrayed as passive on screen, in the real world they actually run gangs

Jim Cusack

Jim Cusack

THE largely docile women characters portrayed in the latest series of hit TV show Love/Hate definitely do not reflect the reality of Dublin's inner city gangland "molls", but the portrayal of a young woman carrying a gun to and from the most recent episode's double murder is accurate, gardai say.

Women play key roles in Dublin and Limerick's crime worlds, and in several gangs they control the day-to-day business which their volatile husbands and partners often neglect as they are caught up in feuding and partying, according to detectives well-versed in the ways of the gangs.

Some of Ireland's criminals are in partnerships with "girls from good backgrounds", one source said last week, but added that more are in relationships with women who already come from established criminal families. These women, gardai say, are often the "brains" of their partner's criminal operations. They are also, in a number of instances, the instigators of violence.

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