Friday 23 February 2018

Jerome Reilly: Bubble bursts for Champagne Charlie's lost generation

Couples who followed McCreevy's mantra of working to pay massive mortgages are suffering now, writes Jerome Reilly

You might remember them from the Celtic Tiger days: harassed mums carrying sleepy toddlers still in their pyjamas into the creche before making a dawn dash for jobs in the city.

The male of the species, no less stressed, was already on the early morning commute from Kildare, Longford, Wicklow and Meath, drinking homemade coffee from stay-warm mugs as they tried to find an internet signal to fire off emails before they got to the office.

Often they succumbed to sleep -- shaken awake by a neighbour on the same hellish 12-hour-a-day treadmill as they pulled into Connolly Station.

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