Tuesday 12 December 2017

James Lawton: 'New Reds boss must not whip up the emotions of the past but engage in the priorities of the present'

If they didn't before, they must certainly know now -- the American owners of Liverpool have, after all, been candid enough to admit that they went against some of their stronger instincts when they brought back Kenny Dalglish and gave him a shot at reinventing the past.

John W Henry's wife even took a crash course in some of the club's battle hymns. But yes, of course, they know now. They know that what was great about Liverpool cannot be instantly re-kindled, not even by a man who represented so much of it and it is a lesson that has cost them upwards of £110m.

Liverpool became Liverpool because they were driven by genius and passion and then understood the reason why they had come so far. They made a tradition that is common to all football clubs. They built upon strength -- and they never compromised.

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