Saturday 24 February 2018

James Fitzsimons: Moran's juice bar is an illusory oasis in the desert

Finance chief John Moran has become an instrument of bungled Government policies, writes James Fitzsimons

IF YOU trust the Department of Finance to raise your standard of living you're in luck, because John Moran, the new Secretary General, claims that is one of his primary objectives.

If I had any reservations about the reform of the department, they were vindicated and I am now certain that the department will not emerge from its ashes any time soon. It will be consumed by its own flames. Mr Moran wants even more money to sink into this black hole. Moran's juice bar is more like an oasis in the desert. When you finally get there you will realise it was all an illusion.

It didn't take me long to focus in on where he is getting his terms of reference. Mr Moran has been recruited by Mr Noonan, the Minister for Finance, to implement the recommendations of the Independent Review Panel, chaired by Rob Wright, a Canadian Public Servant, and set up by the late Brian Lenihan. That report commended the staff at the Department of Finance

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