Sunday 17 December 2017

James Downey: With Cameron, it's just a question of character

DAVID Cameron has formed a government but not found a theme. He is in danger of being defined, not as what he is but as what he is not.

He began his election campaign, and a month later began his premiership, by talking about 'The Big Society'. The term has echoes of Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society", but evidently that is not what Cameron means. His attempts to explain it have been far from convincing.

By contrast, David Miliband, the front-runner for the Labour leadership, has had no trouble defining where he stands. This week he launched his appeal to "the left and centre-left". That clearly means two things. One, it excludes the extreme left (in so far as such a term has any relevance nowadays). Two, it could easily be used by a future Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition.

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