Saturday 24 February 2018

James Downey: We can't ignore the stench of death in Leinster House

James Downey

James Downey

SOMEONE was bound to say it, and someone did. "There's a smell of death around this place."

"This place" is Leinster House, the citadel of Irish democracy, and there certainly was a smell of some kind of death around it on Wednesday. The death of an economy? Let's hope not. The death of a government? Altogether a better idea.

The political death of Fianna Fail and Green deputies by the dozen some time soon? Very likely indeed. Brian Lenihan has admitted that a "climate of fear" pervades the country. You and I and all of us fear for our future and our children's future; one radio caller took pessimism to extremes when he expressed his anxiety for his great-grandchildren. The deputies fear, with good reason, for their Dail seats.

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