Tuesday 20 February 2018

James Downey: Nyberg has left us to find the 'unknowns' ourselves

EVERYBODY is guilty. Therefore, nobody is guilty. Thus reads the widespread cynical reaction to the Nyberg Report. And this time, the cynics have largely got it right.

Heaven knows, there are more than enough defects in Irish society and these defects were magnified during the boom. Many of us -- most of us? -- stopped thinking. We forgot basic things that we supposedly learned as children, for example that two plus two equals four and what goes up must come down.

Mind you, I can sympathise with Peter Nyberg. He comes from Finland. That country has had its troubles and made its mistakes, but it is famously governed in a rational and moral manner. He must have had a shock when he found himself in a country devoid of all principles and standards and ruled for 14 years, so far as any foreigner can see, by a bunch of idiots.

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