Saturday 21 April 2018

James Downey: EU leaders are not mad, Gay, they are just weak

GAY Byrne thinks that "mad people" in Brussels are running our country and destroying it. He has picked a strange time to reiterate his well-known views on Europe and to do that publicly and forcefully.

Forceful, yes. Public, obviously. Clear? Actually, no. He seemed to say that the common currency was a bad idea from the beginning. I can't tell whether he meant a bad idea in itself or in terms of Irish membership. If he meant in terms of Ireland adopting the euro, he may have a point. Many economists would agree with him, and some think that we should leave the euro now and devalue.

He surely has a point when he complains about the "sneaky" way Irish politicians have behaved on the issue. That goes back all the way to 1972, when the then Fianna Fail government told us that joining the European Economic Community had no political implications.

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