Saturday 17 March 2018

James Downey: Annihilation is the natural consequence of FF legacy

NOTHING in the Greens' political lives became them quite like the leaving of them. But there is no need to lavish praise on John Gormley and his pitiful crew for their part in forcing the demise of the Cowen Government and the March 11 General Election.

They had many opportunities to bring Brian Cowen's hapless reign to a conclusion with some semblance of order and dignity. They missed them all. Now both coalition parties will face the electorate in the most chaotic and discreditable circumstances imaginable -- indeed, beyond any previous imagining.

One minor question is whether they will be wiped out at the election. Perhaps not. Some opinion poll analyses suggest that John Gormley or Trevor Sargent, or even both, might have a chance of holding their seats. But Green influence on a future government has gone -- and for a very long time.

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