Saturday 20 January 2018

James Downey: A second term will prove Obama's worth as leader

MITT Romney won the Iowa caucuses, if only by eight votes over the runner-up, and he will probably enjoy a sweeping victory in the Republican primary election in New Hampshire next week.

But will he be the Republican candidate who stands against Barack Obama in the presidential election in November? There is a long, long way to go, with primaries by the score, real and invented controversies, dirty tricks and the mental and physical exhaustion inseparable from a 10-month campaign.

Romney should cope with the fatigue better than most. He is in his mid-60s but looks no more than 50 -- the picture, indeed, of health and clean living. Being a Mormon, he doesn't drink tea, coffee or anything alcoholic. Doubtless his diet and exercise regime conform to the commendable practices of the American upper classes.

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