Thursday 23 November 2017

James Dempsey: Can 007 - the man with the golden pun - shake and stir us one more time?


AGENT 007, licence to kill. The most suave spy to ever grace the silver screen, singlehandedly saving Queen and country from a number of megalomaniac threats. With gadgets supplied by Q, missions signed off on by M and Martinis stirred by Moneypenny. Not to mention the girls. Or cars. Or suits. Or saucy wordplay. Yes, James Bond, the man with the golden pun.

For half a century Bond has come to define espionage in cinematic terms, a camp and glamorous world of outrageous villains with preposterous plans and ridiculous names. Bond’s is a world of hollowed out volcanic hideouts, sprawling submarines and orbiting space stations, all staffed by zealous henchmen with rubbish unions, and even worse aim.

A world where sexpots boil over with the arch of an eyebrow, where women loose and chaste succumb to the charm of the world’s greatest lothario.

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