Tuesday 20 March 2018

James Dempesy: The return of Red Dawn ... spawn of the most 'violent film of all time'

LAST week saw the Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn breaking box office records, earning the 5th largest opening weekend in the history of cinema, and the embittered scorn of film critics and feminists the world over. And a mere week later there’s already another controversial daybreak on the horizon.

After languishing in post-production hell since filming wrapped in 2009, the remake of 1980s’ teen action flick Red Dawn will finally see the light of day on November 2 of next year. The film, the debut feature from Dan Bradley, a seasoned stunt coordinator whose credits include the Bourne and Spiderman movies, is considered somewhat of a $60m disaster of poor decisions from the executives at cash-strapped MGM studios, not least because of the rather politically incorrect make-over the film has undertaken.

The original Red Dawn was a 1984 no-brainer action film from cult filmmaker John Milius. Perhaps beast known for helping turn Arnold Schwarzenegger into a muscle-bound loincloth-sporting savage in Conan the Barbarian, Milius’ career saw him help pen some of the most prolific genre movies of the 1970s, with Evel Knievel, Dirty Harry and Apocalypse Now to his name.

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