Friday 23 February 2018

James Delingpole: All those going on about Jeremy Clarkson's silly comments should be ... shot!

JEREMY Clarkson got into tremendous trouble last night for suggesting on BBC's The One Show that the public sector "workers" who took part in yesterday's strike should be shot.

This is silly. It should be patently obvious to anyone who is familiar with his style or has seen one of his programmes – ie: everyone in the world – that Clarkson didn't mean it. For one thing, being an informed fellow he would be perfectly aware that the British government simply hasn't the money to spend on bullets right now.

For another, he must know that it's perfectly possible that among all the diversity outreach consultants, renewable energy/recycling advisers and union reps who spent their day on the picket lines/early Christmas shopping yesterday at least a handful might actually have jobs which make some tiny contribution to the nation's well being – so killing at least those ones would be counterproductive.

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