Thursday 14 December 2017

Ivor's phone sideshow takes eye off main event

We pay our politicians to see and solve problems, not contrive 'bread and butter circus inquiries, says Jody Corcoran

THE building where Ivor Callely bought his mobile phones is a fine building indeed, perhaps the most distinctive in Fairview. I walk past it every day. It is opposite that pub, the Players Lounge, where three people were shot the other week in a terrorist gangland attack you may have already forgotten.

The building where Ivor did his business in 2002 has now lain empty for almost two years. It is only one of several buildings in the neighbourhood to have been vacated during what is still called an economic crisis, when actually it has long since moved on from that to become a socio-economic crisis.

There does not seem to be a politician in the country concerned about that, though, beyond the fact that it may cost them a few votes, or win them a few; certainly not to the point that they may want to inquire into it anyway -- whatever that may achieve -- not when there is Ivor around to sate the mob for a while.

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